What are some creative ways we can get people to throw away more of their trash in actual trash cans instead of the ground?



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    There are a number of creative ways to reduce litter and/or to draw public attention to the environmental effects of littering. Most communities that focus on the problem take a two-pronged approach of anti-littering laws, and public awareness campaigns that usually involve slogans, logos, and wastebaskets. An example is the city of Orilla, Ontario, Canada that instituted a $300 fine for littering and also plastered their “Don’t Be A Litter Bug” logo all over the place. There are also some very unusual ways of drawing attention to the problem. I like the example of Fost Plus, a Belgian governmental agency, that recently took out an unusual ad campaign. They created photo spreads involving glossy magazines–some of them showing naked or almost-naked women–but with the (how shall we say) strategic zones of the photographs obscured by cigarette butts, candy wrappers and other bits of litter. An anti-littering campaign is pretty easy to start in a locality; if you’re interested I would first call your local government and find out what the anti-littering rules are, and then call a service organization such as Kiwanis, Rotary or other club and see if they would be interested in starting either an anti-littering campaign or even a clean-up drive which could attract some high visibility. I have also seen social media such as Twitter and YouTube used in the service of anti-littering campaigns.

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