What are some creative ways we are trying to fix our storm water runoff problem?



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    Adding more trees and shrubs around your house will decrease stormwater runoff by virtue of absorbing it first.  Find or dig an impression into your yard.  This will allow rainwater to collect and be absorbed by the soil.  You can also wash your car on the lawn instead of the pavement or driveway, as the chemicals the water would gather as it travels across the paved surfaces are potentially harmful to the environment.  For more tips, visit the site below.

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    One of the best ways to control water run off is to add pervious surfaces and avoid or minimize hardscapes. During construction, erosion control plans are gaining popularity as are flood control programs.

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    Community education campaigns are one of the most effective ways to reduce storm water runoff.  Once citizen’s are aware that their actions such as dumping and hosing down drive ways directly effect water quality, they will often take steps to avoid doing so.  Another method would be to actively fine people who contribute to runoff, but due to its non-point source nature this would be a difficult policy to effectively enforce.  

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