What are some creative ways to use my old plastic hangers?



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    They can be used to hold up plants in gardens. You can break off the hook and use it to hang towels or potholders. You can also use them for accessory storage (scarves, ties, necklaces).

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    If you have pet birds you could use the hangers as perches for them. It would be kind of ghetto but you could also use the hangers for retractable blinds in your house or car.

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    I personally use extra hangers to hold purses, scarves, belts and other accessories.  You can also break them apart and use them as tools — an example is a sharpened end of a hanger that can be used as an etching tool for metals etc. Here is a great site that has more ideas: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Tools-from-Plastic-Coat-Hangers/

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    You can turn them into mobiles that hold photos or artwork. Here are crafting instructions for kids, but you can use the link for inspiration for crafts for teens and adults as well:


    If you’d rather not punch holes in your photos or art, you could probably tie small clothespins onto the string and attach the photographs or art that way.

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    You can hang delicate items of clothing (tights) on them to dry, or dry flowers from them, hang your jewelry from them…

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