What are some creative ways of punishing my kids in an environmentally friendly way?



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    My 18-year-old daughter just gave me the best suggestion to answer this one: take away their car keys!!!! Of course if they are younger, having them to do things like pick up garbage at the park or the beach or even in the street, sweep (NOT water!) the driveway, deprive them of television or the computer, ask them to take all the plastic bottles out of their backpacks and rooms and refill them (with their names written on to avoid germ-sharing!) — all these help the environment, teach them a valuable lesson, and hopefully instill good behaviors for the future!

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    Limiting their use of technologies and electricity by banning computers, TVs, phones, etc.  is great in that it’s reducing their carbon impact for the day, but it doesn’t exactly teach them lasting environmental lessons.  I’d argue the point of punishing kids in the first place is to teach them a lesson.  So, I think picking up trash is definitely a great idea (as it can be rather gross, so it’s going to be a “punishment” in their eyes) that benefits the environment.  Signing them up for day-trips or weekends away through volunteer and youth groups that concentrate on green activities is another idea. 

    Maybe (if they’re not too overwhelmed with school work as it is) having them write you a report on something environmentally related could be another idea.  It would entail research and proof of lessons learned and processed through the writing of the report.  They can be short (1-2 pages), but I guarantee it will not be “fun” for them at first – and with these green lessons internalized early, you can very well succeed at raising eco-conscious children. 

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    Lock the computers and all the IT products with password. Perhaps can reduce their dependence to IT products in the same way.

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    if they are 10 yrs or younger put them in their room for as long as you want, make a naughty corner somewhere where you can see them for 10 to 20 mins, take away one of their toys for a while but if they are in their teen years ground them, dont let them go anywhere

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