What are some creative ways that countries are trying to stop deforestation?



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    The United Nations are pressuring southeast Asia to slow down their deforestation rates. 65 nations have also decided that their actions would result in a deforestation rate that results in as many trees planted as there are cut down. Other things they can do is make companies who cut down trees pay the government to plant new ones. This will hopefully cut back on the biodiversity loss.

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    As of May 27,2010 “Developed nations pledged more than $4 billion to finance a program meant to help poor countries protect their forests and slow global warming.” The program is called REDD Plus (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) “will encourage rich nations to voluntarily finance forest-protecting projects while coordinating that aid to avoid waste and ensure transparency.”

    The Program is looking to start in Cancun, Mexico later in the year and then move to Indonesia. There Norway has made a deal for a 2 year program to cut down on CO2 emissions. 

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