What are some creative ways to conserve natural resources?



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    My personal belief is that conservation of natural resources is limited only by the imagination of the people who want to preserve them. One project that I particularly like is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund. The WWF spearheaded an effort to get New Zealand winemakers to donate tons of pinot gris grapes to be made into a special edition wine, the proceeds of which went to fund a program to save rare and endangered dolphins in the waters off New Zealand. I also like forms of “guerilla marketing” to raise money for conservation causes, such as the “I’m Tired” bracelets, made from recycled metal and old tire rubber, half of the proceeds of which go to charities addressing particular causes–for example, buy a $10 “I’m Tired of Global Warming” bracelet, and a donation is made to the Rainforest Action Network. On a larger scale, creative ways to conserve natural resources include harvesting biofuels from algae that grows in sewage ponds–literally, divining usable transportation fuel from human toilet waste–or logging underwater forests at the bottoms of manmade lakes instead of thinning land-based forests that provide crucial carbon sinks to alleviate global warming.

    The opportunities for creative conservation have never been greater, in my opinion, thanks to the Internet and the ability to reach large numbers of like-minded people at the click of a button. Hopefully we’ll see more ideas such as these in the future, and while an individual project may seem small, every little bit helps.

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