What are some creative things that we can do with old grass clippings?



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    Well this isn’t very creative, but I would suggest that you take them to your plant waste site and have it recycled.  That way it doesn’t go to waste.

    But if you really want something creative, I suppose you could make a pile and jump in it? 

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    The first thing that came to my mind is using old grass clippings as mulch in your backyard garden (if you have one).

    Another way to recycle grass clippings is to use it as an ingredient to make recycled paper. I added the URL to a helpful site.  I’ve made paper tiki dolls with my little sister, using the grass clippings for the grass skirt.

    Or, just leave the clippings on your lawn.  It’ll enrich and moisten the soil and also keep down the weeds.

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    The coolest way that I’ve found to use grass is in paper making. This is a fun craft for kids, but adults love it as well. All you need is a few household materials and you have a great project for a rainy Saturday.

     Other ideas I’ve found for grass clippings are not quite as fun. When I visit home and mow my mom’s yard, I usually leave the bag off. The grass clippings just fall back to the yard in an even, thin layer. I leave them there because the clippings provide nutrients for the yard. Think of it as easy instant fertilizer

    Most people use grass clippings as mulch around trees or flower beds. Grass clippings can be composted with hedge clippings, twigs, food scrap and manure.

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