What are some countries that wouldn’t be expected to be doing a lot for climate change but are?



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    In regards to the term “Climate Change” that leaves an entire movement to be examined.  I have tried to narrow it down to 3 or 4 countries in which I have never heard that they were trying to be more environmentally conscientious.  What I found truly surprised me. 

    Due to the rapid industrialization of both Korea (South) and Taiwan.  This rapid industrialization was done without government regulation, and in fact, with tactic government acknowledgement.  Both the Korean and Taiwanese people learned, over time, to force change, and to have a healthier environment, that it was going to take “people power” those people who were willing to protest to get change.  And it did.  Unfortunately, the environmental change that they sought, while staying in Korea and Taiwan, was pushed into Southeast Asia, where labor was cheap and government controls were lacking.  But the populace in Southeast Asia has fought back, and it is an ongoing battle.

    China is also another country, while definitely not in the forefront of climate change, there are many Chinese who are literally risking their lives to fight against the terrible pollution.  It gets very little press in the Western World, but these people are nothing short of environmental heroes at the tactics they use and how they put themselves at risk.

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    Iceland, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Sweden, Norway, Mauritious, France, Austria, Cuba and Columbia are the most sustainable countries in the world, so depending on what your expectations and beliefs are in regards to which countries are sustainable or not, there they are. 

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