What are some countries that will be severely impacted by climate change?



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    The whole world will most likely be impacted by climate change but some countries will be more likely to suffer from it: Bangladesh, Vietnam, The Philippines, and Sudan for example. 

    The World Bank Group made a list containing the countries most at risk in the future for these following problems that has and may arise from climate change: droughts, floods, storms, rising sea levels, and change in agriculture.

    Here is the chart prepared by World Bank:

    Six Climate Threats, and the 12 Countries Most at Risk 
      Low Income     Middle Income
    Drought Flood Storm Coastal 1m Agriculture
    Malawi Bangladesh Philippines All low-lying Island states Sudan
    Ethiopia China Bangladesh Vietnam Senegal
    Zimbabwe India Madagascar Egypt Zimbabwe
    India Cambodia Vietnam Tunisia Mali
    Mozambique Mozambique Moldova Indonesia Zambia
    Niger Laos Mongolia Mauritania Morocco
    Mauritania Pakistan Haiti China Niger
    Eritrea Sri Lanka Samoa Mexico India
    Sudan Thailand Tonga Myanmar Malawi
    Chad Vietnam China Bangladesh Algeria
    Kenya Benin Honduras Senegal Ethiopia
    Iran Rwanda Fiji Libya Pakistan

    Source: World Bank

    You can see the original chart in this report on Climate Adaptation on Page 5:


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    In the way of habitats, the countries bordering the north pole and the continent of Antarctica are suffering.  Ice packs have deviated greatly from past patterns, and animals that rely on these seasonal consistences for survival are dying.  If the major ice caps melt, sea levels will rise, displacing many people from coasts worldwide.  The relocation will stress economies and food sources.

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