What are some countries that will be most severely affected by climate change?



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    Tuvalu is a small Pacific island country that is at grave risk because of climate change. The island sits just five meters above sea level, and the rising ocean is threatening to drown the island in the near future, making its 12,000 residents refugees. Roads and homes have already been routinely flooding, and the people of the country are fearing that their time on the island is running out. 

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    In addition to Tuvalu, Greenland has also already seen evidence of climate change. Its glaciers are melting at an astonishing rate, and scientists have predicted that if the ice were to all melt, the ocean levels would rise 23 feet. In this instance, though, climate change is seen as a positive for those who live in Greenland. Ships are easier to navigate on the seas and waterways when there is less ice. This fact creates mixed feelings for Greelanders, who recognize that in the long-term, the melting ice is bad for the world as a whole.

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