What are some countries that hurt the environment the worst?



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    There are two ways of thinking about this question. The first is to analyze the consumption patterns of the wealthy nations, and examine the amount of waste that is produced along with the amount of fossil fuels required to produce and transport their consumer items; while the second is to analyze the lack of public health and sanitation infrastructure available to over-populated urban areas in impoverished, poorer nations. It is not easy to quantifiable and compare these two very different ways the environment is degraded, so it is very difficult to pin point one polluter who stands above the rest.

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    As of 2009, China is considered the worst polluting nation with the highest annual emission of greenhouse gases while Australia has the world’s highest per capital carbon dioxide emissions from energy use.

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    Unfortunately the US and Brazil were ranked as two of the countries having the most impact on the environment (and not in a good way)!  According to research done by the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute (Australia), the top ten list includes: Brazil, USA, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, India, Russia, Australia and Peru.

    The researchers used seven indicators that would show that a country was not playing nice with the environment.  These factors included natural forest loss, habitat conversion (when natural habitats are converted into anything other than what they were naturally intended for), water pollution and carbon emissions (to name a few). 

    A popular idea has been that the richer a country, the more and easier access it has to cleaner energy and other technologies that will help it be green but this current research showed that unfortunately this is not true.  Instead, the results proved that the richer a country, the worse its environmental impact.

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