What are some countries that have really good public transit systems?



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    Any major city in continental Europe will more often than not have excellent public transit systems.  I was particularly impressed with the train/tram/bus system in Amsterdam.  Not to mention the highly organized bicycle commuting infrastructure they have there.  Cities throughout Germany also have impressive public transit systems.  Some “inner ring” bus services in German cities are run regularly, free of charge.  This is all complemented by the convenient and efficient rail system that stretches across europe.

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    China.  Yes of course, China has the highest population so having the most people riding public transit shouldn’t be a huge shocker.  But percentage-wise, up to NINETY percent of travelling is done by mass transit in Hong Kong.  And besides the obvious downside of driving yourself around in a country home to over a billion people, China has actually made its MTR (Mass Transit Railway) the smart choice to get around – through the infamous Octopus card and other innovations, it’s incredibly efficient and convenient to use.

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