What are some countries that have been able to make their tourism industry better for the environment?



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    EcoTourism unites ideas of environmentalism, sustainability, and community into travel. The International Ecotourism Society’s mission “promotes responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” Some areas that have adopted an ecotourism ethic include Brazil, Borneo, Iceland, Papua New Guinea, and Kenya.

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    This blog: (http://handsupholidays.wordpress.com/2010/09/03/top-10-eco-friendly-tourist-destination-countries/) has a list of the top ten eco-friendly tourist destinations by country, with Switzerland, Norway, and Sweden toping the list. I don’t know if the governments of these countries are promoting the eco-friendly tourism or if this is the work of private organizations, however.

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    To elaborate on sfincher’s response, here are some qualities of the aforementioned country’s tourist industry that makes them so eco-friendly. For many of the European nations (Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland), much of the tourism comes in hiking in beautiful scenery, whether through mountains or fjords. If you don’t want to rough it or don’t have adequate camping gear, there are eco-friendly accommodations, and you can reach these places by train. In Costa Rica, you can tour beautiful and protected conservation land, and in New Zealand you can hike and kayak in stunning, untouched natural land.

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