What are some countries with exceptional public transportation?



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    According to a survey of European cities, Munich has the best public transportation. It’s followed by Helsinki, Vienna, Prague, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Leipzig, Cologne, Rome and Bern.

    Speaking anecdotally, I can say England’s public transportation is quite good (though the locals would probably disagree vehemently). The train system crisscrosses the entire country, and most of the towns within it have regular, frequent bus services in addition to any subway services they may have. Many people in the larger cities choose not to own cars, and especially in London, it’s easy to get almost anywhere by tube/bus. For instance, from central London to Heathrow Airport (approximately 40 minutes away), two tube services run, one which takes 15 minutes and costs around £14 and another which takes around 30 minutes and costs £4.80. Europe in general tends to do well in regards to public transportation.


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    According to this article on gadling.com, here are the top 10 cities for best public transportation systems (no specific order):

    1. Curitiba, Brazil

    2. Moscow, Russia

    3. Vienna, Austria

    4. Hong Kong

    5. Munich, Germany

    6. Seoul, South Korea

    7. London, UK

    8. Paris, France

    9. Copenhagen, Denmark

    10. Tokyo, Japan


    In North America, from my own personal experiences, I would have to say that I have had the best experience with public transportation in Montreal, Quebec and New York City. 

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