What are some cool theories you can imagine for how this ship ended up in the ground in lower Manhattan?

Feel free to get creative! Was it a pirate ship? A revolutionary warship? A merchant lost at sea?



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    Wow, there are a lot of cool things that you can pick up from this. I’m assuming pirates. Back in the colonial days, there was a woman by the name of Rachel Wall who was a famous privateer. She married into the business, her husband George Wall got her started into the business  that she soon thrived in. Together, they stole a boat out of Essex, and made their way up the coast towards New York. They looted a couple boats outside of New York when one day a storm hit and sunk their boat. Her husband died, but she was able to swim away. She was eventually caught and hung for her pirating acts, but that comes with some distinction because she was the last women hung in Massachusetts. 

    744px-Pirate_Flag_of_Rack_Rackha-1.png image by white_african7

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