What are some cool artists that turn trash into art?



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    Some artists that use trash as their medium are HA Schult, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Vik Muniz, Dave Hind, Jason Mecier, Enno De Kroon, Tom Deininger, Gugger Petter, Yong Ho Ji, Justin Gignac. For photos of their art works you can check out the following link or google them: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/09/junk-art-photos-10-amazin_n_487050.html#s72297&title=HA_Schult

    Another really cool artistic trash thing is the Cathedral Of Junk in Austin. The builder is Vince Hinneman and he started building the Cathedral of Junk in his backyard in 1988. It is a popular spot and has even hosted weddings. You can check out some pictures of the Cathedral of Junk here:http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/7816. There are also YouTube video tours of the Cathedral of Junk, if you want to check it out.

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    Here’s another interesting site to see what some people are recycling into art (and furniture): http://www.recyclart.org

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    Web Urbanist has an article that I think you’ll find interesting on the “7 Innovative Artists Who Create Art From Trash.” Alecsandravelez covered quite a few of them, but in addition to her suggestion, some more notable trash-artists are: Robbie Rowlands, Dr. Evermor, Nek Chand Saini, Tyree Guyton and Elizabeth Lundberg.

    This was a project done by Tyree Guyton. 

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    Nancy Judd creates wearable clothing out of various recycled materials, from videotapes to Obama-Biden banners.  According to her website, recyclerunway.com, she has been commissioned by Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Target, and Toyota to create outfits made out of aluminum cans, leather airplane seat covers, plastic shopping bags, and soft top convertible materials respectively.  Her art has been displayed in numerous public areas with the goal of raising recycling and environmental awareness.

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    Justin Gignac seals in clear plastic containers the garbage of NYC and sells it as an installation piece/decor/art/whatever you want to call it!

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    This site showcases cool artwork used from trash or re-used items.


    This website features 10 artists who work using recycled materials. My favorites include:


    Aurora Robson

    Kathrine Harvey


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    One of my favorites is a local artist in Akron Ohio known as the Grizzled Wizard. Not only does he make art out of trash, PR Miller also rehabilitates his house and decorates his gardens with it. I actually got to meet him and make some artwork with him, which was amazing. He typically makes insects, flowers, foods, and other animals out of trash he finds. 

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