What are some controversies caused by PETA’s advertising?



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    There has been a lot of controversy from PETA’s advertising strategy. They use shock ads that scare people or surprise them to gain interest. Some people believe PETA is doing good by bringing awareness to their issues in such an extreme way, but others think the ads pass the lines of appropriate advertising. There was extreme upset over the very sexual superbowl ad that featured overtly sexual actions with fruits and vegetables. Their campaign to brand fish as kittens of the sea offended many fish eaters. 

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    Most recently, the modeal Joanna Krupa appeared in a controversial PETA ad.  In it, she is naked, in a Church, wearing angel wears, and holding a cross to cover her body. The line reads, “Be an angel for animals: always adopt, never buy.” Obviously these created a large controversy with many Christians.

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