What are some companies that make a good push mower?



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    According to consumerreports.org, the most reliable push mower brands are “Yard Machines” and “Yard-Man.”  Craftsman, Honda, and Toro are also reliable brands of push mowers.  The most repair-prone push mowers are from Lawn-Boy.  Most of the push mowers offered by these brands range from $100-$250.

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    I am a HUGE fan of Honda mowers. I don’t have a yard anymore because I live in an apartment, but in the past I have used Honda mowers and they are great. In my experience, they are reliable and durable. 

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    I’ve had good experiences with an electric Black & Decker mower that has lasted for my family probably around ten years now and is still in good working condition. Sometimes it can be annoying to keep an eye out for the cord, but whichever brand you get, get electric and not gas. 

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