What are some companies that make eco friendly office furniture?



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    Two options for eco-friendly office furniture is National Business Furniture and OstermanCron.  Both companies offer a nice range of desks, chairs, and file cabinets.  OstermanCron offers a larger selection, with two seperate office furniture lines, Kimball Office and National.  Both companies place emphasis on sustainability and eco resources.

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    The website shown below is a great repository for information and links to eco-friendly office furniture. Herman Miller is a great eco-friendly furniture designer that makes office furniture, making several designer chair models. Steelcase makes a chair called the Think which is 97% recyclable, as well as eco-friendly desks. Knoll also makes office stuff with 100% recycled wood. The best way to be eco-friendly with office furniture is still to re-use furniture that already exists instead of ordering more.

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    In addition to eco-friendly companies by design, I would look for salvage or used office furniture. Salvage or used furniture is eco-friendly because I does not require additional processing and resources. Also select modular furniture that is adaptable as this will increase the useful life of the furniture.

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    National buisness furniture is a company that sells eco-friendly furniture. They have everything from chairs and desks to conference tables. The furniture is a little more expensive than regular furniture. Most of their furniture meets “greenguard” standards which means that they meet certain standards for pollutants and emissions.

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    You can consider furniture from d-Bodhi

    Recycled boat wood and iron eco-friendly furniture

    d-Bodhi has garnered worldwide acclaim for innovative eco friendly furniture and is now distributed to 30 countries worldwide.

    Hand-crafted with traditional methods from surprising sources such as recycled teak, Javanese fishing boats and galvanized iron pipes, d-Bodhi draws from various elements and transforms them into green talking pieces. At every step, d-Bodhi is rescuing and reclaiming wood that would otherwise be discarded.

    Whether it is a dining table, bookshelf, coffee table, bedroom dresser or bed frame, every home decor piece from d-Bodhi embodies a spirit of dynamic creativity, modern design, and sound environmental sustainability.

    In every living space piece, d-Bodhi embodies a spirit of dynamic creativity, coupled with a sound environmental consciousness.

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    Visit http://www.osimd.com/index.aspx. they make eco friendly office furniture. Also, check out their local delivery area! they are very friendly an dprofessional  and will assist you in any way they can! 

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    An eco-friendly furniture maker needs to follow several standards before being considered as a green company. Minimal or no impact to environment comes to mind when a company produces its products, including great hanging chairs and tulip tables etc. Also, eco-labels are important proof that an organization follows strict standards when it comes to being environment friendly.

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