What are some companies that make eco friendly candles?



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    My favorite source for eco-friendly candles made of beeswax or soy is Blue Corn Naturals. I would highly recommend the Lavander, Geranium, and Tangerine aroma therapy candle (Uplifting) or the lavender candle (Relaxing). Check them out at their website:  http://www.beeswaxcandles.com/

    Not only are beeswax candles paraffin free, they support beekeepers. I feel comfortable breathing in a natural substance like beeswax as opposed to some candles with are full of so many chemicals they smell toxic. Paraffin is a petroleum product whereas bees make human agriculture possible. Turns out buying certain brands and types of candles can be an important consumer choice!

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    You should definately check out Madison Avenue, I’ve included a link on the bottom. Their candles are made with GMO-free, organic, US farmed soybean wax and cotton wicks. Furtheremore, they are made from 100% natural plant wax. They have a great selection too, such as: coffee and spice, fruity and zesty, holiday cheer, clean and fresh, flowers and herbs and grandma’s kitchen. If fruity and zesty is your thing then you then choose from: apple cinnamon, black cherry, blackberry sage, fresh fruit slices, fresh lime, and much more.

    Also, Etsy is another great place to check out for homemade stuff. I highy recommend that site.

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