What are some companies that have been more successful because of going green?



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    One answer to this question was answered earlier in another thread about the “greenest CEO.”  Ray Anderson, the CEO of Interface, a carpet manufacturer, went “green” and was able to increase profits because he cut out waste and started using recyclable materials.  He has increased sales by $200 million.

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    A study conducted by Buck Consultants, “a subsiduary of Xerox,” found that American businesses which had formalized green programs showed a 54% increase in productivity.  The top three reasons for companies going green included creating “community goodwill,” improving stakeholder perceptions on their business, and cost savings.  Only 9 percent of companies with a formalized green program 2010 said that they did not save money.  Companies surveyed include the financial, manufacturing, and healthcare industries, as well as non-profit organizations.

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    A study by CNN’s Kevin Voigt states how GE has generated ten billion in revenues for their “Ecomagination” line of products in 2005 and should surpass 20 billion by 2010. The line of products are a result of GE’s 1.5 million dollar budget to research and develop technology to rescue energy consumption.

    In another article by The Business Journal, Blaine Bibb’s, owner of a janitorial facility, company uses a green-cleaning process.  Through this process fewer products are used which makes it easier to train workers, saving time and money.

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