What are some companies devoted to becoming eco friendly?



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    Rigibson is right, this question has been answered many times. However, here is a new piece of information about Target that has not yet been posted. Target, along with its other eco-friendly changes, has also innovated its gift cards. Since 2007, its gift cards have been printed on polyhydroxyalkanoate, a completely biodegradable, compostable and carbon neutral resin. Target has been the first company to market this type of gift card.

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    There was actually a list compiled of the 25 largest companies making the switch to green business. Some of these companies include: Bank of America, General Electric, McDonalds, and Home Depot. I will link the full list bellow. Some of being more successful than others but at least the thought is being circulated along larger chains.

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    Here’s a recent question about food companies in particular who are striving to be more eco-friendly and lessen their footprint. 


    With food at the center of so many environmental issues, the steps these companies make are of great importance.

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