What are some common products that we could reuse more often?



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    Plastic bags that you get a stores can be reused in you home as garbage bags. Some stores have reusable totes to use instead of plastic bags as well.

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    Socks are great to reuse.  When I lose one out of my pair or get a hole in one it becomes my new kitchen rag.  Socks can also be used to protect things you store from getting scratched, I use them for scrapbooking photos.  Another great product to reuse is glass jars.  I use some of my old spaghetti sauce jars as cups and others to hold snacks and keep them fresh.  

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    Plastic bags, water bottles, fabric, and other items. Just think about what is sturdy and will last a long time. Unfortunately many of the common products are made to be disposable. This is part of a consumer, capitalist economy. Reusing is the way to go, just got to be creative. 

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    I use wine bottles as vases and they make great conversational pieces.  Yogurt containers and other food plastics are good for art projects– using them for gardening, water cups for painting, etc.

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