What are some common arguments made by climate change skeptics?



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    One of the main arguments is that our climate change is due to other factors which have been present throughtou Earth’s long history. Some people say that we would have had another ice age if it were not for the extra CO2 in the atmosphere. One needs to look at the bigger picture and see how climate change has occured over the past few million years. However, the graphs can be misleading because those climate changes are taking place over a much longer period of time than we are anticipating for our modern climate change to occur.

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    • A few years back it was noted the sun has been becoming increasingly active with more frequent and powerful sunspots, and that’s why the Earth’s average temperature has been rising at a quicker rate.
    • Some average temperatures in the past decade have been cooler than years past.
    • There’s not complete consensus among scientists that climate change is real.
    • A sporadic gaining of ice mass and cooling of surface temperature in Antarctica. 

    The list goes on in the cited article but the author seems to have reasonable evidence to refute all arguments.

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    What’s interesting is that even some of the most notorious skeptics are now starting to come forth and say that global warming is real. Just recently, one skeptic, Richard Muller, did some tests that convinced him that global warming is now happening. An article was released on this a few weeks ago, and I managed to find it and link it at the bottom!

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