What are some clothing companies where I can get kids clothing that is eco friendly?



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    Eden Home (www.edenhome.com) offers organic clothing for children made from all natural 100% organic cotton. It is also chemical and pesticide free. They can be reached at 1-877-513-2212

    LamanBlu (www.LamanBlu.com) offers eco-friendly clothing for children. Their website lists several telephone numbers, depending on your location. In the south and on the east cost, 941-321-4921; in the west and southwest, 213-614-8663; In New York and New Jersey, 647-988-2754; In Ontario, Canada, 905-943-9632; and in Quebec, 514-807-9596.

    Tulong (www.tulongllc.com) offers sustainable clothing under the “Reapir The World” label. By the way, the name Tulong is a Tagalog word meaning “help.” They are based in Ohio, and can be reached at 877-4TULONG (877-488-5664)

    Hope that helps!

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    Happy Hippie http://www.happyhippie.com is a directory that features multiple eco-friendly products.  They have a large section on children’s clothes with links to brands such as Greenedge Kids http://www.greenedgekids.com/, Go Natural Baby http://www.gonaturalbaby.com/, Oscar & Belle http://www.oscarandbelle.com/, and more!

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