What are some climate apps on the iPhone?



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    Trying to find the right application for “climate” is a little like looking for book to read on the subject. You’ll need to know what it is about the climate you are searching for information on in order to get the right one for yourself. For instance – would you like a more scientific application for global climate and it’s implications? Or are you looking for a simpler climate application to tell you what the weather is like somewhere? Since this answer can bring up a ton of applications that could be of possible use I am going to list a few that might get you started in narrowing them down:

    Our Climate developed by Aeris Systems which is more of an globaly informative climate education resource for the past, and present.

    Climate developed by The Weather Stand is a beautiful app that give you up to date conditions and renders them graphically on your screen – powered by the Weather Bug

    EarthObserver developed by Columbia University which enables you to explorer all climate from the terrestrial to the oceanic and is complete with geological maps and environmental imagery.

    Hope this gets you started!


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