What are some cities that have really good clothing recycling programs?



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    Last year, New York City majorly upgraded its clothing recycling system, making it one of the best in the nation, and possibly the world. Goodwill Industries placed about 50 or so bins in highly populated spots in the city, making clothing recycling convenient. Accessibility is often key in a movement’s success. NYC also hosts a smaller clothing recycling program, Wearable Collections, but since it’s not a non-profit, isn’t officially supported by the city.

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    Best Recycling Programs as of 2009 (these rankings might have changed since then but these should be “pretty good” in general):

    1. Fresno, CA
    2. Fremont, CA
    3. San Antonio, TX
    4. Burlington, VT
    5. Anaheim, CA
    6. Pittsburgh, PA
    7. Jacksonville, FL
    8. San Diego, CA
    9. Madison, WI
    10. Durham, NC

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