what are some cities that have eco friendly city centers?



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    Austin, Texas is one of the most eco-friendly city in the US.  The city has 15% of its land devoted to parks and bike trails.  Also, the city has 19 buildings that are designed with the environment in mind.  The city wants to have 20% of its power from renewable sources by 2020 and become the leader manufacturer of solar based products in the US.

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    Copenhagen is considered one of the most eco friendly cities in the world. Four percent of the city’s energy is generated by a wind farm and the city has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 20 % by 2015. The city is also famous for its bicycle infrastructure and claims that by 2012 40% of citizens will be commuting by bicycle. In Copenhagen, one in ten market purchases is an organic product and its water quality is superb for an urban and highly populated city. Copenhagen  has won multiple international titles including the “most livable city in the world”, “worlds best design city”, and the “Europe’s cleanest city”.

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    Listphobia.com assembled a list of the top 10 eco friendly cities in the world. Vancouver is on the list and seems fairly responsible. 90% of the cities power comes from renewable resources. It has proved to be a leader in hydroelectric power. Portland, Oregon has a plan to reduce its carbon emissions. Reykjavik, Iceland is really impressive. It has invested in hydrogen buses, and its electricity and heat come entirely from renewable energy sources. The city plans on being free of fossil fuels by 2050!

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