What are some cities around the world that have done a good job becoming more green?



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    Stolckholm, Sweeden is one of the cities featured on the PlanetGreen Green City Guide.  It harvests methane from garbage disposals.  Additionally, the city is designed to be biker friendly and has many places you can buy organic clothes, cosmetics and cakes.

    For more profiles of green cities, look here http://planetgreen.discovery.com/green-city-guides/

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    Curitiba, Brazil is also a noteworthy green city. It is a great example of a large scale sustainability driven city with well-thought, collective urban planning in order to make it more efficient and a better place to live. It is most known for its public transportation system. Curitiba’s bus system has been planned in such a way that it reduces traffic and congestion, encourages the use of public transportation but also promotes bicycle use. There are also employment programs that combine social inclusion for those in need with jobs related to sustainability and the environment. The city also a large park system, allowing for lots of urban green space. Other cities that are worth a look at are coppenhagen, Denmark – Portland, Oregon- San Francisco, CA- Vancouver, Canada and many more!


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    Madison, Wisconsin is a very green city. In the summer you will see people biking and walking instead of driving. People enjoy activities like sailing in the lakes and hiking instead of spending time inside in the air conditioning watching TV and using a lot of electricity.
    Furthermore, throughout the summer Madison hosts a huge farmers’ market, thus allowing people to purchase local, fresh foods and cutdown on shipping costs, pesticides, and waste.

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    Denmark and Copenhaggen, amongst other cities, have begun implementing plants that convert trash to fuel!  They still place emphasis on recycling, but for everything left over they burn the material in “waste-to-energy” plants.

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