What are some cities that are shutting down their roads for bikes?



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    New York City has recently shut down Times Square to all cars. I’m not sure if bikes are allowed though… it may be people only. 

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    Portland, Oregon has become known for its eco-friendly actions. They have many different bike parades and street or bridge closures to aid in these activities. I found a wonderful street fair called Portland’s Cirque du Cycling where families and racers can come to participate in a city biking trip and a festival like atmosphere.You can find many of these events and road closures at http://www.bikeportland.org. There are even some “adult” bike rides, like the infamous naked bike ride.


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    None.  Bike lanes may be added to roads in progressive cities.  Or abandoned railroad lines may be converted to bike trails.  Or 1-block sections of downtown areas may be converted to pedestrian malls.  But no cities shut down usable roads to allow them to be used only by bikers.  Not even in bike-crazy Portland or Seattle.

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