What are some cities that are known for their eco friendly transportation options?



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    Several U.S. cities have been recognized for their walking-friendly and bike-friendly streets as well as widely-used bus, train or subway systems. These include Seattle, Chicago, Honolulu, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego and Salt Lake City. In addition, in Portland there is a public transportation service called ecoShuttle (http://www.ecoshuttle.net/). The buses in its fleet are all fully operated by biodiesel produced from waste grease. ecoShuttle runs bus lines that cater to students and employees in addition to a tour bus service.

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    I have to say that I take pride in my city of Davis as a bicycle friendly community. It is considered the Bicycle Capital of America and houses the US Bicycling Hall of Fame. The UC Davis campus is closed to all motorized vehicles without a special permit. Only buses, police cars, and special UC Davis vehicles can access the campus. However, I think that police cars should also be banned because they slow down bicycle traffic and a bicycle cop can easily out-maneuver anyone else on campus given that they use a high-end bicycle.

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