What are some cities in America that are using desalination plants?



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    The reverse osmosis method of desalination plants are expensive at about $1,000 per acre foot.  However, prices are falling making the plants more appealing.  Currently, Tampa Bay, Florida, Laredo, Texas, New England, and parts of California implemented desalination plants.  Around the world Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain in the Middle East, along with Libya and Algeria in North Africa rely on desalination plants.

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    Many areas in the Middle East actually don’t use the reverse osmosis method for desalination.  They use the distillation method, meaning salt water is converted to steam and then cooled back down to fresh water. 

    One of the biggest desalination plants, the Shoaiba Plant in Saudi Arabia, uses distillation.  Most other plants across the world use reverse osmosis, because distillation needs a very large amount of energy to use.

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