What are some cities in America that are doing a good job with conserving their water resources?



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    Napa, California and Sandy City, Utah were the recipients of the 2011 Conference of Mayors Water Conservation Achievement Award. Napa achieved a 33 gallons per capita per day reduction in consumption through a determined incentive/disincentive program that encouraged near maximum conservation. 

    Sandy City accomplished a 27% consumption reduction in one year, and historically achieved consumption reduction rates above the national average. The city employs multiple methods for conservation including a “true-cost pricing” method. 

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    The City of Los Angeles has adopted a Water Conservation Ordinance that set forth measures to reduce water consumption on the long run. According to the article cited here, water consumption from residential, business and government sectors have been decreasing several percentage points over the years. The city will continue to implement different strategies to keep reducing water usage, such as limiting lawn irrigation, improving water efficiency of appliances with rebates and developing more water recycling facilities to meet increasing water demand and water shortage from droughts and future climate change. The Sierra CLub rated the City’s water conservation efforts as one of the best in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

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