What are some chemicals in soda that are bad for your body?



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    High fructose corn syrup is found in many sodas and, in such large doses, is unhealthy for your body.  

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    The above comment already mentions high fructose corn syrup, which has be proven to be harmful to the human body.  Also, in soda we find caffeine which is a diuretic and stimulant, known to be addictive and it is not good for your overall health.  Caffeine is not in all soda, but it is prevalent in the most popular colas.  The next chemical found in soda is sugar, usually synthetic.  Sugar is not good for your body but it is almost impossible to completely negate sugar from your diet as it is found in many foods.  Also, phosphoric acid is a chemical that adds a tangy flavor by breaking down starches into sugar.  Phosphoric acid is not found naturally in the body and by ingesting it you are doing your body harm.
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    Malic acid, found in sodas, does a number on your teeth.

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