What are some cheaper watches that don’t take batteries?



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    Most watches that don’t require batteries are on the pricier side but could end up being cheaper in the long run because you’ll never have to pay for batteries, which are pretty expensive. One good option is the Cadence Ecomatic watch, which is $195.

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    I did a quick search and found a Casio batteryless, solar powered watch from American Apparel for $78. It is water resistant and has stainless steel hardware. While searching, I couldn’t find any other batteryless watches from reputable stores that were less than $200, but I did run into quite a few listings on Ebay for second hand ones—if you are open to a used watch, that would be a great place to look to find what you are looking for within a lower price range.

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    There are many watches that do not take batteries, but they are usually more expensive than the normal watches. Amazon.com sells many from different manufacturers. One watch is the Casio Men’s WS200H-1BVCF Tough Solar Powered Multi-Function Digital Sport Watch. On Amazon it only costs $28. Casio a huge variety of watches for the most reasonable price.

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