what are some cheap ways to go green?



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    There are some things you can do that aren’t just cheap, they save you money too! Conserving energy by turning off lights or using your heater/AC less will show an immediate reduction of what you have to pay on your energy bill. Buying energy efficiency appliances will save you money in the long run as well. There are a ton of other things you can do for cheap or even free. A few examples: make an effort to recycle, eat less meat, take shorter showers. See even more at http://www.greenlivingtips.com/.

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    Save energy, water, gas and food. Don’t buy bottled water, and figure out how you can consume less overall. With things that you can borrow, do that instead of buying them. Buy in bulk and invest in good quality and long lasting products. Recycle your electronics by sending them back to the company whenever possible. You are saving a lot of energy and money by using these techniques.

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    Growing native plants in your backyard can save you alot of money. First of all they don’t need expensive lawn chemicals to grow well. Secondly, they save water because they are drought tolerant and if you live in a dry and hot area they will be accustomed to the hot summers. By growing native grasses as well, you will not be throwing away money at the end of your water hose watering your grass throughout the hot summer months.

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