What are some celebrities doing to try and stop mountain top removal mining?



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         The companion book to the Sierra Club documentary Coal Country includes anti-mountaintop removal mining essays by celebrities such as Ashley Judd, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Nick Clooney (broadcast journalist and father of George), and musician Kathy Mattea. It even has an essay by possibly the most famous person to ever come out of coal country, Loretta Lynn.

         Actor Woody Harrelson has called mountaintop removal mining, “The most devastating peacetime activity in human history.” Actress Darryl Hannah has also spoken out against it.   

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    Darryl Hannah has not only spoken out against mountaintop removal mining, she’s been arrested for protesting against it!  Other prominent figures (not exactly movie stars) also at the rally included James Hansen, the director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and former US representative Ken Hechler.  You can read about the arrests, and see a picture of Darryl Hannah smiling as she’s being pushed into a cop car, at the website below.

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