What are some causes of solid waste?



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    The largest source of solid waste in the U.S. is the agriculture industry, mostly from farm animals. Mining is another big contributor, both in the form of rocks that must be relocated and slag that is left over from the ore extraction process. After these two sources, industrial and municipal solid waste is actually a relatively small part of the total. The largest part of municipal solid waste is paper, but plastics and organic matter are also significant contributors.

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    The main causes of solid waste are domestic, commercial, industrial, municipal, and agricultural waste. The composition of a city’s solid waste is:

    -53% paper, wood, and cardboard
    -22% garbage
    -10% ceramics, glass, and crockery
    -8% metals
    -7% rubber, plastics, and discarded textiles

    If solid waste is not properly collected and treated, it creates unsanitary conditions and pollution.

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    People not recycling appropriately

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