What are some campaigns that Brazil has done to try and save their rainforest?



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    In 2002 and 2003, an enormous amount of the Amazon rainforest was destroyed.  In efforts to protect the rainforest, new technologies have enabled a higher crop yield from soils of degraded forests.  The Golden Lion Tamarin, one of many species in danger of extinction, have been restored to a healthy population level due to rehabilitation of the Atlantic Forest.  IBAMA, Brazil’s Environmental Protection Agency is an under-funded organization struggling to pass laws to regulate deforestation, and to enforce existing laws.

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    The Nature Conservancy has initiated a “Plant A Billion Trees” program in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil with Planet Green.  The target date for this operation is to plant a billion native trees by 2015 in approximately 2.5 million acres of land.  The organizations are working closely with Brazilian and other international partners to reforest this land and reach its goals.

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