What are some birds that have evolved because of their surroundings?



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    Penguins are a very good example of a bird that has evolved to their surroundings. They have evolved so much that they have lost flight, and instead have become adapted to aquatic life. The shape of their bodies and their anatomy has changed so much, that they no longer resemble the graceful birds we generally see. Their feathers have become well suited to insulate them from the frigid climates and hold up against their constant exposures to the icy waters.

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    Flamingoes have their long legs and webbed feet so they are able to wade into water and stand on soft mud.  When the water gets too deep they’re able to swim.  By standing on one leg, they keep one foot warm and conserve body heat.  But the most interesting adaptation they’ve made to their surrounding is a way to function w/ salinated water.  Most of the water in their habitat is highly salted, but there are sometimes boiling geysers of fresh water.  They can withstand high temperatures, allowing them to drink the limited fresh water supply….but they also excrete salt through their nose glands.

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