What are some birds that are know for eating other birds?



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    The Peregrine Falcon is a bird that lives almost entirely off of other birds. They are the fastest animal in the world, going as fast as 200 miles an hour in a dive. They eat a lot of pigeons as well as coastal dwelling birds. 

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    Accipter Hawks are hawks whose food source comes from primarily birds. The sharp shinned hawk preys on sparrows, robbins, and warblers. Although few birds feed primarily on birds, most birds of prey, including owls, will occasionally eat other birds. 

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    The Great Skua, which is a shorebird found in the UK, is another bird-eating-bird. Because fish populations have been sparse, the bird has increased its consumption of other birds. The great skua eats birds such as the Atlantic puffin, the black-legged kittiwake and the common guillemot.

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    Any comparatively large species of falcon as well as Accipiter hawks actually prefer eating birds over any other prey. Pergrine falcons, for example, prefer eating doves, pigeons, grouse, most types of shorebird, and jays. Sharp-shinned hawks love smaller birds such as sparrows, robis, and warblers.

    Peregrine Falcon:

    Accipiter/Sharp-shinned hawk:




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