What are some of the biggest challenges that modern homesteaders face?



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    Where are you getting your energy from and how much? (if you have a coal power plant nearby and this is the only way to get power to your home besides alternative energy [such as installing solar panels] then it is more important for you to get equipped with some alternative production method than it is for someone who gets their power from a hydroelectric plant for example)… Figuring out how can you cut down on consumption of electricity and other resources like water—is a huge one! The best things to do are to turn off lights and appliances when they are not being used (small choices that help the environment, like unplugging the Christmas Tree lights at night when no one is going to be looking at it! they all add up —) and try to use less energy by drying clothes on a line rather than in the dryer. Also, recycling is key! The amount of energy that can be conserved is truly amazing. Doing it is the hard part. Just remember that every little bit helps out somewhat. And taking one small step (like starting a collection of soda cans and plastic bottles, then dropping them off at a recycling center) is the first and best thing you can do in the right direction.

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