What are some big steps the nation can take to reduce childhood obesity?



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    Changing school lunch programs.  We need to give our kids more fresh fruits and vegetables and stop including fries with every meal, and counting it as a vegetable, (I think ketchup was also counted as a vegetable before). There are a lot of ways to introduce kids to new and exciting foods that are actually healthy for them. 

    Also, we can make our parks safer so kids can get outside and play more, without parents having to worry so much if they cannot see them every minute.

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    The nation should strongly support and continuously fund Safe Routes to School Programs which encourage biking and walking to school. As GreenBean stated above, school lunch programs could also make a huge impact. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution TV show is exploring that idea and showcasing its results and public reactions, which I think is a wonderful step in the right direction. Also, just this week, Santa Clara County in California banned Happy Meals from all McDonalds in the county. The idea of the ban is to stop encouraging marketing of unhealthy foods to children.

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    We should boycott processed foods, though this is unlikely because the flavor is preferred by most people.  We should demand that companies not produce things for consumption that are proven to be bad for your health, and as consumers not support them with our money.

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