What are some big corporations that have gone green?



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    Bank of America, Home Depot, Starbucks Coffee, Dupont, McDonalds, General Electric, SE Johnson Wax, Honda, Toyota and so forth. They are green due to the environmental values that they now enforce and there commitment to there local and global environmental influence.

    If you would like to see a complete list of some other major companies I would like to refer you to the link that is cited. I have also cited how it can be beneficial for companies to have an Environmentally Responsible company profile.

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    With all the focus on becoming eco-friendly, many large companies have been going green and trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Sony is a huge one. In the past few years, it has undergone changes to reduce its CO2 emission and energy use, and has posted green tech tips on its website. Poland Spring has also taken steps to becoming more eco-friendly, redesigning its bottles to use less plastic. The British National Health Service (NHS), the third largest employer in the world, is yet another company working towards reducing carbon emissions. Some other major companies, who have previously resisted change, include Home Depot, Bank of America, General Electric, and Dupont. It just shows the power of capitalist competition in saving the environment!

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