What are some of the best reasons to be Vegan?



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    Being vegan saves more money. “Plant nutrition costs a lot less than animal based.” It can help reduce national debt, “Americans spend between $60 billion and $120 billion annually to treat heart disease, cancer, obesity, and food poisoning that are primarily caused by animal based diets.” Being vegan is also more eco-friendly because “eating a meat diet contributes more pollution, uses more land, more water, more deforestation, and more energy than a vegan diet.” Plus if you knew how some of our meat products are obtained you’d realize how cruel it is.

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    Being vegan is also incredibly healthy. The amounts of fruits and vegetables and other foods that are consumed are filled with the vitamins and minerals a body need to be healthy and meets adequate needs. However, it’s important to know the limitations of a vegan diets, such as taking a vitamin supplement for vitamin B-12, which can only be obtained from meat or poultry foods.

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    The website below provides the video that inspired me to become vegan.

    Animals are incredibly mistreated and mutilated in the production of not just meat and leather goods, but for their uses in other products as well. They are injected with hormones, which meat-eaters take into their bodies, weakening the immune system.

    Since becoming vegan, I’ve had more energy, my skin has become more vibrant and clear, and I’ve lost 8 pounds and have kept it off, since my digestive tract is now cleaned and cleared from any meat products…

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    Being a vegan…
    -reduces your carbon footprint.
    -helps protect agricultural animals.
    -can improve your health if you are still getting the right nutrients.

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    The above answers are great. To add to them I would say the best part of being vegan is knowing that many living creatures did not suffer for you to continue on living your normal modern life.

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