What are some of the best known creeks in the world?



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    Do you mean best creeks known or most well-known? Not sure exactly what you mean by ‘best’ so I’ll just throw some random information out there. The Heathcote National Park in Australia has beautiful streams. Here’s a list of America’s top ten list of best trout fishing places. The Driftless area in the US covers 24,103 square miles over Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois and contains the largest concentration of cold water streams in the world. Most streams/creeks don’t even have names.

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    Yeah, I would say there are not many widely known or visited creeks because that would do away with what makes creeks and brooks so appealing. In my opinion, the beauty of creeks is that they run through uncrowded places maybe even your backyard or the woods near your home), and provide a serene and peaceful atmosphere for strolling, sitting, and thinking — as opposed to well known rivers used for recreation and tourism. Just a thought.  

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