What are some of the best green NGO’s?



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    Well I guess the answer to this question depends on how you characterize “best.”

    The Sierra Club is the oldest and largest environmental nonprofit organization. It was founded in 1892 and has over 1.3 million members. In terms of reach, I’d say the Sierra Club would come out on top.

    Personally though since I’m interested in legal issues surrounding environmental protection, I really like the work of EarthJustice. I especially appreciate that they also partner with international organizations to promote environmental law globally.

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    Here’s a list of ten great NGOs in the business sphere:


    My favorite is probably Conservation International, which takes on a variety of projects involving green business, and biodiversity. It’s worked with Starbucks and Walmart, and also donates money to green causes.

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    I really like the efforts of the World Wildlife Fund. They help to protect and preserve animal species, but do it in a non-confrontational way that is focused on education and awareness. They also make themselves accessible to kids through programs like their “Adopt a Species” initiative, where if you donate a certain amount you get a plush toy—it’s a little bit of a marketing scheme, but it gets kids interested in the issues and wanting to learn about animals, which is a great step to ensuring their legacy continues into new generations.

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    Established in 1937, the National Wildlife Federation has been dedicated to the preservation of various animals and their habitats.  Using 85% of their donations toward educational programs, NWF is an organization that uses their resources mindfully and efficiently in the fight for animal conservation.  In addition to protecting such animals as wolves, salmon, and bison, NWF are also dedicated to raising awareness about global warming.  

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