What are some of the best green festivals in the United States?



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    Green America and Global Exhange’s Green Festival is a good one to go to. It’s the world’s largest sustainability event. Visitors can enjoy food samples, see new green technology, purchase items, listen to speakers, hear music, and more.

    I have been to two of the events held in San Francisco. It is also held in other places in the U.S., such as Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago.

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    I’ve been to the Green Festival in San Francisco as well! It is an awesome place to go, but depending on where you live, you may not want to travel that far. You might be able to find information about a local festival if your town has its own wiki site. One festival that is local to my area is the Whole Earth Festival, which is like an outdoor version of the Green Festival. If you are in the Sacramento area, I highly recommend it. The Green Festival in San Francisco offers valet bicycle parking, but Davis has enough bicycle parking to facilitate the event as well as a great bus service. Private motorized vehicles are not allowed on the campus without a permit, and pretty much the only way to get a permit is if you are an exhibitor setting up for the event.

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