What are some benefits of urbanization?



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    Urbanization has lead to higher quality of living, increased employment and technological improvements.  China has experienced mass urbanization and industrialization within recent years and has become the go-to country for product development and export.

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    I agree. Moreover, urbanization allows for more diverse crowds to interact and work with one another, fostering new ideas and beliefs.  In cities, there is a mosiac of culture, in which people influence each other for the better, which can lead to new positive experiences and ideas.

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    Yes, and that community interaction opens us up to greater local innovation to better implement our surrounding resources and build a local economy. Doing so costs less in travel expenses (i.e. gasoline for transport and commuting outside of our residential areas for jobs, not to mention the time savings) and supports local businesses. It also saves us money if we work together for such things as a community garden and cooperative marketing of skills and trades or bartering systems.

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