What are some benefits of organic strawberries?



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    Strawberries that are grown organically have been found to contain a higher concentration of antioxidants and vitamin C. The vitamin C found in strawberries has been found to have a negative effect on cancer cell growth.

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    Organic anything, strawberries included, reduces the amount of pesticides in our air, water, and bodies.

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    As mentioned by other respondents, organically-grown strawberries have higher concentrations of antioxidants and vitamin C than conventionally-grown strawberries, and they also survived longer without rotting or going bad. Taste tests also showed a preference for organic strawberries. In addition to advantages of the berry itself, DNA tests performed on the soil showed that dirt on organic farms tends to have a larger and wider variety of microbes living in it, an sign that the organic soil ecosystem is more resilient and capable of overcoming problems that can crop up in traditionally managed farm soils.

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    Besides the benefits listed above, organic strawberries also contain less pesticide residue than conventional strawberries.  The Environmental Working Group places strawberries at third place on their list of foods to avoid unless organic.  A study by the USDA showed that more than 90% of the conventional strawberries samples studied contained measurable pesticide residues.  

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    Organic strawberries taste much better to me. Non-organic strawberries have very little taste by comparison. After I ate my first batch of organic strawberries several years ago, there was no point in switching back for the difference in taste alone.

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